50/70L Portable Dehumidifier FDD5260

50L dehumidifier is equipped with a powerful compressor. It can quickly and quietly remove up to 50L (under 30°C, 80%RH condition) of moisture from the air per day, making it fit for medium to large rooms. Designed with an adjustable humidity range between 30-80% and intelligent humidity control system, you can adjust to ideal indoor humidity for maximum comfort easily. It is a dehumidifier perfect for home, basement, RV, office, living room, cellar, and crawlspace by removing humidity.

Products Details


• Compact, highly efficient, portable dehumidifier. • Extract up to 50 liters of water per day. • Quality compressor, environmental-friendly refrigerant R410a or R290. • Automatically turns-off when water tank is 8.5L full for safety. • Automatic defrosting function. • Up to 24 hours timer. • Install water pump,automatic drainage,within 8 meter of lift also (optional) • Castor for easy mobility. • Washable air filter or Activated carbon filter or HEPA filter (optional). • WIFI function(optional)Powerful Dehumidifiers for Your Home: The large 50L home dehumidifier uses a powerful compressor while upgrading the converter copper tube and fan structure. Which allows our dehumidifier to accelerate the collection of air humidity by up to 50L per day and fit for medium to large rooms. Humidity Control Range 30%-80%: Our dehumidifier can adjust the humidity range from 30% to 80%, which makes it easier for you to get the ideal humidity, fit for the vulnerable to moisture spaces such as basement, office, home, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, pantry, living room, laundry room, garage, etc. Compact & Portable: The dehumidifiers designed with sleek and modern look. With 360° easy-roll wheels and ergonomically recessed handles, you can move around this dehumidifier easily. With dry clothes function, you simply place the dehumidifier in a room where you can hang the wet clothes and let it dry clothes naturally. EASY TO USE: Set the ideal humidity and then keep it continuously running for 24 hours until the 8.5l water tank is full, it will shut down automatically and the tank full indicator will let you know when you need to empty the water tank. It is very easy to remove the water tank and put it back in the dehumidifier.

How does a dehumidifier work?

Dehumidifiers work in much the same way as air conditioners. Both devices take advantage of the properties of a fluid that readily compresses and expands. The cycle of expanding and compressing the refrigerant cools down coils inside the device while generating heat in another part of the unit. When air from the room is drawn in by a fan, it passes over the coils and is cooled down. But how does a dehumidifier gets the moisture out of the air then? For that, we will need to talk about humidity itself. A given quantity of air can only hold a certain amount of water molecules, and that amount can change depending on the temperature of the air. Air expands as it gets warmer, so it can hold more moisture. That is why 90% humidity on an 85-degree day feels far worse than 90% humidity on a 50-degree day. This is known as relative humidity. When air is cooled down, it can not hold as much moisture. The air contracts, like squeezing a sponge. The moisture is forced out of the air and will eventually condense onto a surface as liquid water. That is what happens inside a dehumidifier or an air conditioner. The air passes over the cool condenser coils and is itself cooled down. Moisture is “wrung out” of the air, which collects onto the coils and drips down to a collection bucket or, in a window air conditioner, a drain pan that leads to outside. In a dehumidifier, the drain bucket usually has a float that will trigger a shut-off switch to prevent the bucket from overflowing. Some dehumidifiers use gravity-fed hoses or even pumps to automatically remove the water. Either way, the water is removed from the air, and the less-humid air is returned to the room. Modern dehumidifiers have a humidistat that lets you set a specific humidity level (30 to 50 percent is typically suitable for most homes). The humidistat will automatically shut off the dehumidifier when the humidity reaches the set point, then reactivate it when the humidity rises.

Product Description





Voltage / Frequency

220-240V / 50Hz

Working Space

20-25 ㎡

20-30 ㎡

25-35 ㎡

Dehumidifying Capacity

16L/day (30°C / RH 80%)

8L/day (27°C / RH 60%)

20L/day (30°C / RH 80%)

10L/day (27°C / RH 60%)

25L/day (30°C / RH 80%)

13L/day (27°C / RH 60%)

Noise Level

≤ 48 dB (A)

Rated Power




Working Temperature

5-32 °C

Air Volume

195 M3/H

Product Meas.

340x240x570 mm

Package Meas.

385x275x650 mm



Loading Qty (pcs)

20'FCL: 380,40'FCL: 770,40'HQFCL: 1030

N.W. / G.W.

14 Kg / 15 Kg

14.5 Kg / 15.2 Kg

14.5 Kg / 15.5 Kg

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